How to Configure log collection on a Snoopza Viewer

In the Snoopza Viewer application you can configure the behavior of Snoopza on observed devices.

  • Select your device
  • Press the settings button

Snoopza Viewer need to select your device press the settings button Snoopza Viewer

  • Change the settings you need

Modify Configuring log collection in Snoopza Viewer press the settings button Snoopza Viewer

Device name: If necessary, change it to your convenience.

Data upload period: Set to 5 minutes and does not change.

Use WiFi only: Activate when it is necessary to transfer data only via WiFi

Locations: Activate or disable Locations Logs. You can select a survey period and location accuracy.

Accuracy of at least: Accuracy of geo-position determination. Values above Accuracy of at least are ignored.

Tip. The smaller the coordinate radius value, the more accurate the determination.

If you don't get the coordinates at all, try to put Accuracy of at least the value above.

Attention! Requesting location too often greatly reduces battery life.

Phone Calls: Enabling and disabling supervision.

For audio recordings you can select the source, quality, and format of the recording.

SMS/MMS: Enabling and disabling data from SMS/ MMS.

Chat Messages: Enabling and disabling supervision.

Visited Websites: Enabling and disabling supervision.

Changing Sim Card: Enabling and disabling supervision.

Calendar Events: Enabling and disabling supervision.

Front Camera Photos: Enabling and disabling supervision.

Scheduled Screenshots: Set the time for taking screenshots.

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