Free Android Spy by Snoopza

Track your kids’ and loved ones’ whereabouts with a free mobile tracker

1 Sign Up

Sign up for a free online account. You will only need your email and password

2 Install

Install Snoopza from your account on your kid’s smartphone. Sign in with your email and password

3 Log In

Log in to your online account to track phone location, calls, SMS and web history

We don’t ask for your personal details and don’t need your credit card number. It’s as easy as it comes. With no money to pay and no ads to see, Snoopza Free Android Spy is a perfect solution to help you.

Where are Your Kids?

Track your kids’ location in real time with a free Mobile Phone Tracker! Snoopza uses a combination of high-precision GPS sensor and power-saving mobile location services to help you find where your kids are at any time.

Who Calls Your Kids?

You have the right to know who calls your kids. Snoopza logs information about every call your kids make or receive on their Android phone, allowing you to review their call history by simply logging in to your online account.

Who Texts Your Kids?

Are your kids spending too much time texting? It’s your right to know whom they text with! Snoopza Mobile Tracker intercepts text messages (SMS and MMS) sent and received on their Android smartphones, allowing you to access those messages in your online account.

What Sites Do Your Children Visit?

Track your kids’ browsing history in real-time! Snoopza spy for Android logs every web site opened by your kids on their Android phones, giving you immediate access to their web browsing logs from your online account

What Our Users Say

Most of our users are very happy with the service. We are happy to share their feedback and reviews below.

Great app and does precisely what I expected. It was easy to setup and use. No complaints whatsoever. I'm happy with the service and its features. Highly recommend!


It's the best mobile tracker I could find! And I’ve searched a lot. It provides all the data I’m interested in and it’s so simple. Any time I can view recent location, messages and call history right on their website.


Frequently Asked Questions

Is This What I Need?

Our service is perfect for parental and employee control. Install an application and be in control from your online account.

How Do I Install/Uninstall This?

To install the mobile tracker enter your email address and set a new password. You will log into your account and will be able to download installation files for target device. How to uninstall

Can This Service Be Detected?

During installation there’s an option to make the free android spy invisible.

Is This a Free Product?

To use the service simply create a free account. No credit card or payment info is required.

Can I Install This Remotely?

The only way to setup monitoring is to have physicall access to that Android device. Any other way of monitoring you might heard of is a scam.

What Android Versions are Suppored?

The free phone tracker works on any device running Android versions 4 through 6.