How to Install / Uninstall / Open / Update


  • Messages from short numbers are marked as hidden

    It will happen if the program set as hidden. These messages are usually sent by banks and services and thus are omitted for legal reasons

  • Problems with call recording

    If the call audios are no longer played and you are using Chrome, then use another browser to open the dashboard and play the calls. Chrome was updated and temporarily stopped supporting some audio files.

    Open your account -> "Settings":

    • Calls must be ON
    • Change Audio Source, Recording Quality or Audio Codec
    Here is more information how to enable call recording

  • There are no logs in the account or logs stopped

    The logs will show up in your Snoopza account if these conditions are met:

    • The program should be installed on the device and linked to the same account
    • The monitored device should be switched on and connected to the Internet. If you have enabled «Only Wi-Fi» option in your account -> Settings then the device must have Wi-Fi Internet connection
    If there is much data and the Internet is slow, it can take some time to upload information. Uploading can take 20 minutes if the program was just installed

  • There is no web history, no chats (WhatsApp messages, Facebook, etc) or no screenshots

    Open your account-> "Settings":

    • Set ON for Visited Websites, Website Screenshots, Chat Messages, Chat Screenshots and Scheduled Screenshots

  • There is no geolocation or geolocation is inexact

    Open your account -> "Settings":

    • Set ON for Location
    • Set "Accuracy of at least"
    The monitored device provides exact data based on GPS data and inexact data from GSM networks and Wi-Fi hot-spots.
    GPS function must be enabled on monitored device:
    • Open monitored device -> Settings -> Geolocation

For more information Submit a request.