How to easy restoring permissions for the Snoopza

The main reason why Snoopza does not work

The main reason for 90% of the problems:
You do not have all the program permissions accepted at the moment.


What needs to be done to solve the problem?

  • Please open the program Snoopza on the controlled device and accept all permissions.

How to open Snoopza program?

You must accept all permissions, otherwise the program may not work correctly.

If Snoopza has rights to the desired functionality, the message does not appear.

Turn off Optimize battery is necessary to start the application.

  • Tap Yes
  • Tap Allow

Click yes Opimize battery usage Give permission for Snoopza service to work

Access to saving screenshots.

  • Tap Yes
  • Tap Start now

 Allow the Snoopza application to access screenshots and records Give all permission for Snoopza service

Access to run the Sync Manager service for call recording and social networking.

  • Tap Yes
  • Tap Sync Manager

Allow the Snoopza application to work Give all permission the Snoopza service

  • Tap the switch ON
  • Tap Allow

Press SyncService to allow the Snoopza application to work Allow the Snoopza service to work

  • Go back

Press Go Back to return to the main menu Press Go Back

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