Snoopza: how to save camera images

Would you like to know how to save camera images? Why? Do you want to check somebody? OK, choose such camera tracker app as Snoopza and you will get answers to all these questions.

Before you proceed to download this application and try it, it should be reminded that spying on someone is not a very good thing. In some countries it’s illegal. Yes, such spy app as Snoopza allows you:

  • to check your kids
  • to keep an eye your partner
  • to monitor the work of your employees

No doubt, it’s too much important to know that people whom you love do not cheat on you, do not lie to you and they are safe. Of course, it can be situation when you need to track camera images. Snoopza can help. It has a lot of useful functions. This app provides a smart way to take photos with a camera that is invisible. That’s why people would not notice the moment when you’re taking pictures.

Snoopza and its most important functions

Snoopza is a modern phone spy with web camera tracking. This tracker is used for monitoring saves messages, calls, GPS location, Facebook, WhatsApp. When a target user unlocks the screen of his phone, tablet, Snoopza takes a photo. So you can see who use this or that device. When a person swipes the screen, when he unlocks the target phone the wise software waits for a second and takes a photo by the front camera. Is this functions useful and important? Of course, yes.

Just imagine some situations:

  • Your gadget is stolen. Snoopza will make a photo of a man who has stolen your smartphone when he tries to unlock the screen
  • You want to be sure that the phone is used by just your child but not by his friends or strange people. Or maybe you want to check what your teenager does when he has free time. Sometimes it’s enough to look at one photo in order to understand much
  • Your phone is lost and somebody found it. Thanks to this function you will see the face of the man who has found your device. Maybe he will be someone whom you know
  • You need to control your employees at work. It’s easy to do with Snoopza. The frontal camera photos will give an opportunity to understand how often your workers unlock their phones. So you will know if they get distracted from their working tasks or not
  • You want to check your wife or girlfriend, your husband or boyfriend. Snoopza will help you. You can see who has sent messages if a target smartphone is used by other people. Be sure, this feature is really useful

Download Snoopza

Would you like to use camera tracker app Snoopza? It’s easy to do:

  1. Open free online account. You can sign up it by entering your email, password
  2. Install Snoopza from you web-account but first download this camera tracker app
  3. Track all recorded data, monitor camera photos

All information will be saved in your online account